Private Lessons

Private Lesson Policy

Parent Information
Private lessons are a wonderful way for your child to work on specific skills that are needed for advancement. Some students enjoy focusing on the challenge of new skills. If you are interested in private lessons, please follow this procedure:

-Fill out a “Private Lesson Request Form”
-Give  the request form to the front desk.
Pay for your desired number of private lessons

-Set up a training time with the coach.   

Setting Up the Lesson  
-Get the coaches preferred method of contact in case you need to cancel or change the private lesson time.

Canceling or Making Changes
If you wish to cancel your private or make any changes to your time slot, please contact your coach DIRECTLY at least 24 hours beforehand. If you fail to do so, you forfeit your private lesson money.

1 Student
$53 each for 30 minutes
$61 each for 45 minutes
$69 each for 1 hour

2 Students
$45 each for 30 minutes
$52 each for 45 minutes
$59 each for 1 hour

3 Students
$40 each for 30 minutes
$47 each for 45 minutes
$54 each for 1 hour 

*If you are not a current member of Achievers you will need to pay the annual membership fee.
* Your account must be current in order to take private lessons.

Payment must be made when the private is scheduled.
Checks are to be made out to “Achievers Gymnastics” 

Achievers Gymnastics

Achievers Ninja Warrior Training

What is Achievers Ninja Warrior Training? 

Obstacle course training is the new wave in sports and fitness. 
If you are looking for a fitness program for your children that  compliments your child’s sport of choice, obstacle course training improves endurance and heart strength, as well as balance, flexibility, agility, and
overall strength.

Achievers has developed a curriculum to provide obstacle training classes for kids.  (Boys & Girls ages 7-17) The classes will focus on improving core strength,
upper body strength, flexibility and agility, which will promote better technique, improve athletic performance and build confidence in a fun environment.  The student will work on moving though an environment or a series of obstacles with fluidity & prowess.  Each class will last 55 minutes.  Classes offered are Co-ed.